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Welcome to Bridging Brains and Bioacoustics, a virtual seminar series that brings together early career researchers studying the neuroscience and ecology of animal sound.  We meet each month for two talks on a theme, ranging from musicality to machine learning across a wide array of species.


You can follow us on X/Twitter or Bluesky for talk announcements and links to join.


You can also contact us if you would like to receive updates via e-mail.

Next seminar theme: Crickets 

July 24th @ 10:00am EST

Keren Levy, Tel Aviv University
The effects of light pollution on circadian behavior in a cricket

Jan Clemens, University of Oldenburg
The evolution of song recognition in crickets

June 2024: Biotremology

Erica Huey

Malcolm Rosenthal


May 2024: Human-Animal Communication

Marianna Boros

Claire Spottiswoode

April 2024: Hardware

Irina Tolkova

Elena Waidmann

March 2024: Budgerigars

Alondra Villalba

Zhilei Zhao

February 2024: Sperm Whales

Gašper Beguš

January 2024: Acoustic Datasets

Juan Sébastian Ulluoa

Juan Sébastian Cañas

Guanghao You

December 2023: Bioacoustics of Cooperation

Jenn Moss

Patrick Monari

November 2023: Vocal Production

Iris Adam

César Vargas

October 2023: Automated Acoustic Analysis

Nianlong Gu

Kieran Gibb


September 2023: AI and Animal Communication

Felix Effenburger

Yossi Yovel


July 2023: Bats

Ava Kiai

Leonie Baier

June 2023: Genetics

Tracy Burkhard

Bradley Colquitt


May 2023: Rodents

Nicole Pranic

Ralph Peterson


April 2023: Biotremology

Juan López

Caroline Fabre

March 2023: Rhythm and Musicality

Anna Zamm

Chiara De Gregorio

February 2023: Zebra Finches

Katherine Anderson

Hugo Loning

January 2023: Cetaceans

Brigid Maloney

Natalie Posdaljian

December 2022: R and Python

Yannick Jadoul

Marcelo Araya-Salas

November 2022: Vocal Learning

Grace Smith-Vidaurre

Pedro Tiago Martins

October 2022: Hardware

Joshua Neunuebel

Alex Rogers

September 2022: Freshwater Fish

Camille Desjonquers

Max Hoffmann

July 2022: Bats

Julio Hechavarria

Andrew Halley

June 2022: Machine Learning

Tessa Rhinehart

David Nicholson

May 2022Whales

Mikala Epp

April 2022Human Speech

Theresa Matzinger

Gregg Castellucci

March 2022: Dogs

Laura Cuaya

Angela Dassow

February 2022Acoustic Sequencing

Frederic Roemschied

Lena Veit

January 2022Frogs

Logan James

Charlotte Barkan

December 2021Insects

Sama Ahmed

Bittu Rajaraman

November 2021Auditory Processing

Katie Schroeder

David Schneider

October 2021Computational Methods

Sarab Sethi

Tim Sainburg

September 2021Bats

Ahana Fernandez

Maimon Rose

August 2021Marine Fish

Marta Bolgan

Joel Tripp

July 2021Rodents

Alison Barker

Arkarup Banerjee 

Past Seminars

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